As I grow older, I realize that there are things that people can’t seem to understand at the moment. It’s not their mistake for being confused, but simply because it is time for them to get confused. I have all the answers inside my head but it is useless to tell them the answer directly in front of their faces. They need some time to digest it inside their own head so they will learn something from it.

I am here to write down things that i have learnt and from the experience that i had in my own life. I don’t want to scare nor preach you with these writings. I just want you to know that i was there, and here i am now. I have survived those moments and coming as a victor. I have conquered them.

I want you to be strong and live a long prosperous life. Also the most important of all, I want you to be happy. I will feel very happy to know that you are happy with your life, no matter what is it that you do I will always be here.

sincerely yours,